You, yourself, as much as anybody else
In the entire universe, deserve your love and affection,
Make yourself the obsession,
Give yourself all the attention,
If not then put yourself under construction.

If you have the ability to love somebody,
Yet you don’t love yourself, you’re nobody.
Demonstrate love by giving it unconditionally to yourself,
You will attract the world nationally into your life without condition.

Don’t let what’s outside of you be a burden,
Imagine it as the special flower in a garden.
How you look is how you were created,
Don’t ever feel neglected.
People will always talk, when they talk
Take a proud walk.
If they can’t accept who you really are
Don’t be a car and take it far.
Just be you!

If you are not proud enough,
Then take it rough.
Don’t be told that you are beautiful
You have to know that you pocketful
(meaning you are more than that)