When I first laid eyes on you I was blind, harvesting my seeds
Your beauty captured my sorrowful eyes
My eyes started crying, seeing life for the first time
The tears of my eyes started pouring rain

I was a sorrowful man, hoping to get loved
Your eyes captured my soul as my spirit started to preach
Your legs showed me a path to heaven
I saw God in your eyes as wisdom became inspiration.

Your beauty materialises love as it turns dust into ashes
It brings lost souls into heaven where angels preach your name
Your smile makes a boy-wonder into an angel of wonder
Your beauty materialises love as generations come and reflect your beauty

As those centuries come and reflect your love
Your body generates generations as foetuses become children
When I give you a sperm, you give me a baby; a life for me to reflect on
When I give you a house, you give me a home that is precious – home, sweet home
When I give you a broken, heart you give love

Love that is warm, love that is precious.
The angels of heaven are glamouring at you for advice
I love you