Mind occupied like the widest lake,
Heart remained still for peace’s sake,
I was a CEO: minding my own business.

Books, terms and concepts
Went rollercoster in this head of mine,
Hope shouted from the rooftops saying:
“You will be fine.”

All along I was asleep,
I blinked and wide opened my eyes,
And beheld the beauty that fantasies never quoted,
Never wrote about.

She wasn’t yellow neither pale,
Not a Cinderella you find in a fairytale.

But she was authentic,
Miles from fake.
Her eyes spoke thousand words
Only I could understand.

She wasn’t your perfect,
Though she was perfect.

Easy to talk to,
Let me give you a clue:
She asked whether I had a pearl?

With a voice of a diamond,
A deep voice that turns shallow
And light when she laughs.

Who does that?
How can you hide anything anymore
From someone so naked?
The only key thing she didn’t mention
Is how far her room is from the kitchen?