Just being friends with you made me sore
Right from day one, my heart clearly wanted more
For your beauty is all that I saw

Just like how absence of salt makes food tasteless
Your absence in my life would take away all the happiness
Living me bitter and paralysed, the emptiness

Without you everything is bland, extremely sugarless
Without you everything I do would be utterly useless
Without you, my life would be pointless

You are my Mylené
You have that Mylené type of body, the actress
Every time you look and touch me
I feel like I’ve been touched by a goddess.
You blow my mind
The madness

Oh, Mylené, My dearest
For you are the cutest
For you are heaven-sent

You are a one in a Million
God absolutely spent time making you his creation
No doubt you are the new form of evolution.

I fell hard for you, and I don’t think I’ll ever land
24/7, you’re always on my mind
And getting the chance to spend time with you is something I wouldn’t mind

You like me and I like you
I got more than a thing a for you
Getting a tat and ink for you…

So Mylené, there is a person inside of me
Who is deeply in love with you
A person who would sail any sea, all that he would do just for you
And he is who he is all because of you