What have I not done for you.
Where have I not gone for you.
How far did I not go for your sake.
How much have I not endured for your sake.
How much have I not sacrificed for your wellbeing.
How many times have I not embarrassed myself for your wellbeing.
Was my isolation not enough for your precious time.
I am not a human being because of you.

I sacrificed my unrecoverable time for you.
I lost myself for you.
I lost my friends for your sake.
What could I have not done for your wellbeing.
What is there left for me to do for your precious time.
How many steps are there to take for you.
Which heaven do you admire that will be yours in seconds.
Which earthly objects do you need.
Where do you wanna go next.
Which human life is on your list.
How many of you do you need.

You stole my breath, my last.
You stole my smile.
You stole my attention.
You took what made me unique.
You took what my body needed to circulate its liquid.
You grabbed my only chance of survival.
You grabbed any opportunity you had.
I guess I wasn’t enough to be an opportunity.
But I am always happy and those around me
Are infected with my contagious flue.