Life never loved me.
Life never brought me joy.
Life never accepted my endurance.
Life never determined my being,
Definitely, life never brought consolations.

Life underneath the sky-blue
Full of obstacles that hinder
Our hearts from breathing thorns.
Life can cease not,
Giving out its impediments.

My life experienced so many difficulties.
My blue-sky of favour turned to red with rejection.
My life sucks quiet suffering.
My life bled with sacrifices,
Through it out I kept the faith.

Life-or-death, can be altered not.
My life can be called a lifer,
Prisoned to struggle.
My conscience repugned hardship.
Indeed I can keep up my head and stand tall.

I smiled even if it hurt.
I celebrated though I was still struggling.
I located myself with the rain,
So that no-one could see my crying.
I endure the pain so that i could gain.

I’m like a mountain that peaks up high,
I can forfeit not being a freak.
Above with stars I can occupy,
Shining light to the world, I know I can lick.
Forever I will rule my world above the blue-sky.