I wish to God that I lived in my own world
where joy and happiness would be my parents
where phobias would not fear me
where there’d be peace just like in heaven.
Oh my world …

I can imagine my world
No let me stop imagining
It’s real not déjà vu
No … it’s not déjà vu but reality.

When the world has formed against me,
made me dusty and dull like Mars
cold as Pluto I say
got me walking through the corridors of the Earth
I then visit my world …
that debonair world.

I avoid World War III
just go there to find peace myself
and eat up my mind and its bones
just to keep my demeanour.

Music, art and words flow like the birds flying.
You’d swear to visit my world sometime.
If at times you see me gone ghost and feel like missing me …
Just know that I’ve gone to my world.