Look at the mirror and see the image that it is showing you.
Wink both eyes and say whether it lies or is true,
That picture is you looking at you,
It is that simple you don’t need any clue,
You’re that good and kind
I know you heard that the sky is the limit,
I’m sorry they lied because the sky is blue,
It ain’t a limit, you can actually go through.

Everything is possible
You can do anything you are able
You are divine and you’re incredible
You’re so strong it’s like you’re double
Strong in and out like a mystical steel bubble,
You were born from above
By He who is infallible
You were born to be soft and tough
That’s not an oxymoron, that’s beautiful

I bet for you
And those who bet against you have lost,
Your love will make way for you
Until they think you are probably a ghost,
That too you will fill if it’s an open post,
Stand up and go shout it,
Free up and scream it.
Yourself, you need to express
There’s no one you need to impress
Love is the button you need to always press,
It’s your being and your wonderfulness,
Like a string makes music,
Get sick and need no healing
Because you’re good…