I hope you find the one-of-a-kind love
that fills your heart with joy and
completes your soul with absolute peace.
The embrace that finally feels like home.

I hope you do all the things that make you feel alive:
Dance in the kitchen making dinner,
cuddle on the couch watching the rain,
fall asleep together on lazy Sundays.

I hope you find the kind of amazing love
that leaves you breathless after kisses,
making countless memories out of the moments
that will warm your heart all your life.

I hope that together you chase your dreams,
face the storms side by side,
take the trips to seek new adventures and
create the life and love you’ve always deserved.

Most of all, my wish for you is to find that person,
who makes you better than you thought possible,
who lifts you up and makes you stronger,
able to walk hand in hand towards forever.

And most of all,
I hope you find the one
who inspires you to fall in love with them
each and every day for the rest of your life.