I am startled within the high walls I have built to confine myself.
Today, they detain me, shielding my perpetrator as he executes his plan to devour me.
Most are pleased to see him again. My walls lower their guard and salute him.
For he is known to them as my neighbor, my brother, my lover.

Unknown to them, my walls resume their duties, standing proud and locking the world out.
But they leave me shut in with a man who has sold his soul to darkness.
They misinterpret my desperate call for help, as bellows of risqué and roars of passion,
For they have heard this racket of intimacy from him and I before.

My lover has entered my safety to slay me.
He stands before me with eyes ignited like blazing coal,
He stammers as he accuses me, he tortures himself with semi-truths –
His anger, thundering then throttling me.

The ambience in the room alters – I become serene.
I see a bright spark in his coal-burning eyes
That lures me in.
Instantaneously, I grow deaf to his words and transcend into a new realm of life.

Startled within these high walls that confine him, he weeps, seeing my body at his feet,
The sole witness to my murder, my walls detain him, my walls accuse him.
He begs them to loosen their stranglehold so he can run from this dark hour.
But they keep guard, and he is startled, dead with me.