It’s a new day
My village is at the belly
Of a valley, the sun
Struggles to climb
The mountain each morning.

And when it finally succeeds
Its rays peek through my
Bedroom window,
And shines on my face.

The cock cock – a – doodle – doo
Wakes up the birds; to sing
A sweet melody;
“Music to my ears,”
And I know a new day is born.

The trees and grass
Wave their torsos where the wind
Orders them; a breeze that’s
As cool as the other side
Of the pillow is born.

The morning dew vanishes
With the mist of yesterday as
The sun commands,
And I know a new day is born.

The mountain across gets moody
Whenever seasons change,
It has changed its colour from
Black in winter,
To bottle green in summer
It influences our mood too.

The women sweep their yards
And let the smoke ooze-out
Of their chimneys
And I know a new day is born.