Many can say I am carrying a mistake,
Many can say it’s all a misery
But my story is different.
I am carrying a leader,
A conqueror among the conquerors,
A jewel boiling in the
Womb of the great poetess.

Almost a woman at the age of 22
I realised I am not alone.
The days of playing skipping rope are gone,
Those days of playing hide and go seek are no longer.
I am mama Africa…
My story remain inspirational.
I am carrying the cream of Africa.

I wish I could recite like before.
The fruit in my womb took it all.
I can feel the elbow in my bladder
Something is kicking inside my womb.
I am raising a fighter.

To many, a child is a mistake
Which can be rectified by abortion.
But my story is different.
I cannot abort nor sell it for adoption
Because this is the blessing
Sent to me from Heaven.