Why do I love and value you in this manner?
You are just a square
Like piece of paper that can’t even see or appreciate all my efforts
Yet you matter

What does it take to acquire you Umalusi?
I for one know it takes hard work, determination and dedication
It takes being bullied by bitter cold days and big blue Mondays
He says, “it takes listening to teachers and being true”
She says, “it takes being scorched by the sun’s heat in summer
When the school bell rings to open up the gates at three o’clock in the afternoon”
You and I know it takes never giving up even if you keep falling and failing time and again

Are you really the shepherd that will shape up my future and
Sharpen my brains with skills, knowledge and education.
Do you really promise buttered bread for all my children?

Twelve years later,
You and I are finally destined to be together
You have handsomely rewarded my patience and for that
I’m truly honoured
So why can’t everyone have you Umalusi?