Unspoken words
Unexpressed pain
Dead cells within me
I have worn a smile for far too long,
And I just can’t take it anymore
I thought it was OK, I hoped I was fine
Life got the best of me until I had to face my fears
Until I had to face my tragic death
The most painful deaths are not the ones we witness
But painful deaths are of those who are walking,
Waking up hoping they’ll get better,
But things get worse for them
See, emotional pain is dangerous,
it is capable of taking one’s life while they still on their feet.

Unspoken words,
Unexpressed pain
Dead cells
I can still feel the cut as deeply as it is
My heart still sinks in depths of shame and disappointment
My emotions can’t even get all over because they are dead
My imagination haunts me, I can still see you, and how you never had remorse
I could say I want to die,
But you cannot die while you’re already dead
I lift my head up, my shoulders up, maintaining balance
But the gravity is pulling me down.

My feet can’t help me to stand tall
My mouth can’t help me to scream for help
My eyes can’t see the light, tears seem to be permanent residents
My ears can’t hear anything, but “there is no such thing”
My heart beats because I am walking.
There are no emotions in it.
There is no life in it.

Unspoken words
Unexpressed pain
Dead cells within me
I longed to be given a chance, where I could finally feel the freedom
I longed for freedom from the prison of thoughts, and pain
There seems to be no luck
I’ve come to conclude that all is well
Who would have thought people can kill one other?
Who would have thought that people can hurt one other and feel absolutely nothing?
The cruelty of the world we live in
I convinced myself that I am a survivor, but that’s not enough
Who will be the next survivor? This is what makes it hurts most
The thought of taking someone else’s life again.
Will it ever end?
Will we ever be safe?
Will we ever be given the freedom to speak out and not be judged?
Will we ever be given a chance to finally live?
Will we ever be given a chance to be comfortable with ourselves?
I survived!
Unspoken words
Unexpressed pain
Dead cells within me