In the morning I wake and reach for you,
So you can show me what I’ve missed and tell me what’s new.
Perfectly you fit the palm of my hand.
What would I do without you as my friend?

You connect me to everything I’m close to,
You help me with work and business too.
My diary, directory, keeper of my favourite tunes;
What was life even like before I had you?

I love how you light up as my thumb caresses your screen,
As I scroll and you take me to places I’ve never been.
My heart skips a beat when I hear you beep,
Could you be bringing a message I really need?

As I hold you against my ear,
Tell me what I need to hear.
Keep me posted on friends far,
Bring glad tidings from friends near.
What feature don’t you have?
Perhaps finding the key to my car.