I shed so many tears,
My tears were visible.
No one knew the pain I was feeling,
Neither the wound it created.

Tears fell down uncontrollably,
But yet I couldn’t scream nor shout.
The people that I thought would help me,
Left me in the dark to suffer alone.

As a child I was scared, terrified and hurt,
I had to be strong for me.
Remember I still depended on my parents,
But it took me just a minute to see that I was alone.

Tears scrolled down,
Everyone observed and said “it’s water & salt.”
Those words didn’t vanish,
But kept on repeating in my mind like my favourite song.

I needed someone, my family,
A person I could share my pain with.
I was alone; as young as I am,
I have wounds that will never heal.

I needed protection, love and comfort,
They all turned their back on me.
My tears fell down; they all noticed,
No action was taken; they gazed at me & didn’t blink.

My tears don’t matter,
As they roll down to my chin,
That’s when their joy starts,
Because my tears don’t matter.