Family’s love, mother’s care and dad’s support
Seven of us in the family, three boys, four girls
Mom cooks for us day and night, spreading her love
Dad leaves for work each day to give us food
School separated us same as work
Far district we spread to work and study

Brother found his princess and gave their prince
Raymond, a young handsome boy with his dad’s eyes
Such a playful boy, good at computers
A little naughtily smart in his talk
Visiting us during the holidays
He made us laugh and makes us happy

A Prince was added, sister’s Prince
Baby Perfect was born, his white skin
Handsome as he took his mom’s face
Really playful, good at watching TV
Each time he visits us he always makes me play with him
I enjoyed spending my time with him.

Baby precious, cool just like his name
Perfect little brother, really quiet
Minding his own business all the time
Following his mom everywhere
Good at TV just like his brother
Good at playing games

Sister got his Prince Baby Manu was born
Emanuel good at memorising things
He never forgets whatever you tell him
A little naughty, looking bright
Good at dancing, smart as he plays

Baby Ozil, sister’s boy
He’s got his mom’s lips
Always smiling, his hairstyle
Good at dancing, cool in his dressing

My boys keep on making me smile
Their love made me feel special
Their smiles kept me strong
Their playful attitude made me laugh
My boys keep on making my holidays magical moments
Can’t wait to see you all the coming holiday, boys.