I feel like no one really cares about how I feel
although inside I feel so much pain
I still smile as if the pain is not real.

The pain that I feel inside has been covered
although it burns my internal organs
but I fight so hard
but nobody needs to know that
because that’s my silent battle.

Sometimes before I sleep I think,
Maybe it’s okay for me to smile and I’m special
but no one can answer that
because that’s what I feel.

I’ve done some wrong things in my past life
like lying and yes I’ve cheated
But that’s all in the past
or maybe I was not allowed to make mistakes
like everybody else
although I’m not perfect
I really don’t get it!

What have I done
to deserve this much pain that I cannot explain
Because it runs so fast
up and down my vein!

My story is not known
until the day I’m gone
but that’s my silent battle.