I never felt so blessed and happy as with you, my little one
You are my other blessing from GOD, my angel,
For I love you more than myself, my baby girl,
You brought back the love I wished to have with my first baby girl,
The joy you brought to me is unspeakable
For you’re so incredible in my life, my little one.

Each and every day I think of you and how you are my little one,
I may not be working and stuff but that doesn’t stop my love for you, my little one,
I may be useless to your mother’s family but the joy of having you in my heart
Covers all the pain I feel inside of me,
I never judged the LORD for giving such a beautiful daughter,
For you’re the rose I treasure to my heart, my daughter.

History might have repeated itself in my life with the mother you have,
But I have you inside my heart, my little love,
I never liked male friends to my life,
And history did repeat itself with male friends that your mother wanted to have
In our relationship,
When she was like a best friend to me in our relationship,
And relied on me as a male friend she had in her life.

I will never stop loving you XIKWEKWE OWETHU ROSA COSSA
For you are the rose that blooms inside my heart forever
And you will always stay as my little one,
And you are my last-born that GOD blessed me with in my life, my little one.