Who said you have to adopt this kind of style.
Your high excitement about kasi will give you an allergy.
Why are you forcing yourself to fits in?
Hook-ups with the wrongs.

Why you allowed kasi environment to change you.
Remember it accepted you as you are.
So that you can make my kasi a rainbow community.
To sounds vibrant with our differences.
You are now boring my kasi with your fake kasi behaviour.
Because now you are trying to be another kasi born kid.

You are acting like the other girl I once dated.
Since I dated her because she aroused me with
her dressing code of wearing long smart dresses with a doek.
She caught my heart jumping for her daily.
She was different than any girl in my kasi.

Her change in style left me with no interest
to continue dating her. Because she was now like any kasi girl.
She was worse than my born kasi girl because she tried to fits in.
Come as you are because my kasi wants you as you appeared before.
Rock your rural lingo essence because it’s charming my kasi.

Give kasi the reason to continue keeping you around.
Kasi wants to host you with your home land life style
behaviour in kasi culture.