I am proud of my roots
I know who I am
But I’ve decided to turn a blind eye
Because culture has created a barrier between individuals

A borderline that separates people of the same skin
Today I want to change that
Let us go back to the African proverbs,
“Motho ke motho ka batho”
“Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu”
Let us raise the flag of love high

Love that will be without limit
Let us create a new flag
A flag of loving everyone
We are sisters and brothers
Regardless of our physical differences
We are all the same

Let us create our own Canaan
Let our melodies rise to the heavens
Let peace and happiness surround us
Like a burning star

Poor or rich
Of good health or not
Our ROOTS should make us one
Remember it takes two to tango

You can never succeed alone
My roots originate from the valley of love
They shine brighter than the sun
Because Love is the greatest commandment of all
One love Africans