She is my role model.
With her dry and cracked feet, still she is my role model.
Without a proper job, a degree or an honour, still she is my role model.
Struggled to provide for her children, still she is my role model.

What inspires me about her is that she works hard.
She doesn’t care about anyone who is judging her.
She always makes sure her children are happy.
She always hides the sadness inside her by showing a happy face
For the sake of her children.

What inspires me the most is that she doesn’t depend on anyone.
She is a woman.
She is a rock that falls many times but never had a chance to be broken.
She is my mother.

She is my shield against losing hope.
She always gives good advice.
She is more than a mother to me.
She is my soul healer.

My therapist.
My teacher.
You taught me how to be strong.
My happiness is near you.