I was born without flaws
I was meant to follow your ten simple laws
You told me that the devil would come
And assured me that to his evil ways I would not succumb

You always have paved my way
When I read your Book I stumble from the words you say
You are the “Alpha”, you are the “Omega”
That I truly know and never wonder

Shadow from the sun
You even gave up your only son
The storm is not yet over
But I know covered by you I am forever

Sins or no sins
Been or have been
You are my anchor
My true saviour.

All my life I have fought
Never thinking of what I have been taught
Through my disbelief
I have done many mischiefs

May I never do you wrong intentionally
Your voice said “I am me” potentially
May I never shy away from you
For I know your voice is true