The is so perfect
He is handsome and every woman would jump to be with him
The way he talks to me he makes me feel like I am the only wonderful woman on earth
He is not ashamed of me neither my past
My perfect partner
He is always there when I need him
He dresses so perfectly, oh thank God for giving me him
He does not judge me; to him, I am always right
I do not remember disagreeing with him as we always agree together
My perfect partner
Every day when I wake up, he reminds me how beautiful I am
We forever do everything together, when I cry he wipe my tear away with his smooth hands
He twists my worries to happiness
No man knows me better than him and I will always be with him
Our love does not consist with ups and downs but forever straight like a ruler
But the truth is this is just a dream; this man isn’t exist
This is just my imaginary man and this man will never exist