This is to the family that I called my own.
The friends I spent my childhood with.
To the ones I have hurt, and the ones I showed love.
To the ones who contributed, and the ones who took
It all away from me.

To those who are voiceless, who have been hurt,
Lied to, and mistreated.
Those who have tolerated insult.
Those who have been wronged.
And those fooled and walked all over.
Those who were misguided,
But most importantly those who have suffered,
At the hands of those who claimed to LOVE and CARE
For them.

Broken within but strong on the outside.
Dreams as big as London Bridge but fears as
Massive as the Milky Way galaxy.
Was it necessary to cry? Absolutely, did anyone care
To help? NEVER.
Am I a victim of my circumstances? NEVER but I
Surely am a victim of my possibilities.