They sunk into my business
And talked shit behind my back
Then always come behind my back
Effortlessly act like Judas Iscariot
Trying to destroy my business

I’m brave though you don’t know
As there is no chance for you to know
About my business and success
So keep on spitting shit
While I move on happily

I’m stable and strong
I can’t be shaken by your hatred
It is my own business I tell you
Trying to destroy my reputation, will yield you nothing
And I don’t care whether you gossip about me.

I’m in my own business
It doesn’t matter whether to you it is a burden
With high hopes I will reach Eden
For God’s sake I’m humble
And pray for my haters.

It’s me and not you
Either I fail or prosper
Make your moves proper
And see my prosperity
Then prospect it well.

I’m sorry for your poor logic
I don’t even use magic
But I’m always on above
Because I do what I feel to do
And I always mind my own business