My obsession: My pen

It’s a beautiful day,
From the sun I am the glittering ray.
In this jungle of the world,
We will make a way.
We’re truly loving,
We just don’t say.

Rhyme obsession in me,
Got me writing and can’t set me free.
Almost everything is rhyming,
Like shackle and struggle,
When I write it sounds like I’m singing,
Everything is beautiful and harmonises like a miracle.

This is my obsession,
My soul possession.
Top or bottom,
I enjoy every position.
Winter or autumn,
I write in every season.

This is my obsession from birth,
My life and love beyond death.
Eyes hear the sounds of my words,
As eyes and heart witness the broken wholeness from within.
The sound is pleasant like the echo of singing birds,
Birds whose young ones have been taken,
Whose habitat was burnt till black-ash from life-green.

My obsession,
My mind’s solution,
My emotional remedy.
Every hour and minute my heart is forever ready,
Ready to bleed, cry and love.
My face frowns and laughs.
My obsession is now right there at the throne of my expression