Became a most hurtful name
I ever being called
I wondered how my conscience turned when hearing the name
I heard the sweetness of its sound
I fell for it, like a young girl to a handsome guy
Like a king fell for his queen
Like a sinner to love money

The beginning of the name
Was when I fell in love with Bridgette
Honestly I loved her a lot
So much that I could give her my part if she was disabled

Our heart beat at the same rate
Like it was one.
Our blood flowed in the same rate
Like it was the same in one body
That was how I thought about her and me.

I tried to erase the name
But it seems like it’s the same
I tried to evade from her world
But something made me hold my horses

Bridson was the name I used to be called by
And Edgette was hers
Names in my dreams were a stipulation
But it all fades in my mind

I wished she could be the one I’m meant to be with
If not, hope will meet the same girl by the name
The name won’t fade anymore
It’s like a mark inside my heart

Bridson_Edgette is my new name
No matter she could not return back
I will stay the same
My scars will no longer ache