Franschhoek high was a big name
They accepted those who got right aim
They never accept non-decorated average frame
Those who last are not the one who did for fame.

Their learners were respected and scared
They’ve got nice stories
They were comforted by technological toys
They were treated special

Money was the reason to be tested
Kusasa project –ikamva lethu
Lavela kuse kusasa kozalwa izolo
Our future was lighted by kusasa project
I don’t know the funders
But thankfully, I’m happy they are the founders

The projects bridge poor learner to Franschhoek. High
Others, they are cross the big ambitious bridge house
Learners were taken based on merit
They care about learner’s parents who are not married

Nomsa is a model C
She walks confident, blinkering.
The is more to be seen
She is orphan
They never make problems fun
Lavela ikamva lethu.

She will grow with bright light
Of cause, she inherited the ways of elite
Better future, better jobs, better life
She was the nothing
Humbling she wants to win the only thing