I possess the power to start a war, or to end one.
I’m invincible, not even a legion can prevent me
from leaving neither the strongest man can propel me to come.

I’m like the sun, rising early in the morning,
lighting up every dark corner and gently
waking you up with my brightness and
sooner the earth if filled with light and
gladness. Even the flowers burst open and
starts to follow me across the blue sky.

I’m like the earth full of warmth and goodness.
I comfort you like the trees in the banks of the river,
Giving you nothing but the gift of life. I’m the best
or worst thing that can possibly come your way,
when I touch the organ that pumps your blood
you will wish we had met sooner.

I know no age or gender, don’t bother looking for me.
You won’t find me but make no mistake I’m everywhere.
In the air you breath, I am. Inside you, I am too. Don’t
waste your fortune, why? Because even a wagon
full of silver and gold won’t afford me but don’t
be alarmed I’m for free.

When you find yourself being worried if you will ever have me,
know that I’m around the corner and you are about to encounter me.
When you are down and lonely, I will wrap my wings of affection
around you. For my wings stretches and covers the whole earth like
a cumulonimbus cloud.

With lightning of romance that makes your adrenaline high
and the jaws of mine have a firm grip compared to that of
a predator. When I bite you, you won’t even breathe and your
actions will be commanded by your heart not your mind.
When it’s tough to move forward or painful to look back,
gaze your eyes on your side I will be there. Your hand is
what I will be holding with a strong grip than that of a
metal vice assuring you that I won’t let you go.

I have been there before the dawn of time, I have healed
the hearts of many, I have given hope. I have stirred
forgiveness to dawn in the hearts of many and all in
all I have given life. My name is love…