I am your next enemy
I don’t care about your money
My nickname is COVID-19, honey
I was born in China, in the city of Wuhan
My next of kin is Ebola
My favourite hobby is travelling and spreading

I love people
I love destroying people’s lives
I get my inspiration from HIV and AIDS
I am changing lives
I am a game changer

Where I walk it is felt stronger
I am your life changer
I am your enemy as ever there was

My name is Corona
I love their juicy kidneys and lungs
I love those who don’t listen to
The president’s call to stay indoors
I eat their lungs and kidneys
I have killed more economies worldwide
And eaten more kidneys and lungs
I have caused more fake news

I love smokers too although their lungs are already eaten
I love the idea of finishing the meat as I eat
I love young children too
The are so young and tasty

My name is Corona
I hate strong immune systems as they fight with me
I have caused world fear, and everyone knows about me
I am worse than your worst nightmare
I am currently worldwide
I know the lockdown was meant to smack me down
I need an agent to move me
I dislike hot temperatures as they slow me down

My name is Corona
You’re not my friend

My best friend is SARS
You better stay home, stay safe or else I will get you too