With her alone I won’t stand,
at court with me she will stand,
guilty or not she still understand,
after court to me she will cry and reprimand,

without a degree she is my best teacher,
voted by none but she is my best leader,
I never wish to be her heart breaker,
for her I can even be a bricklayer,
just to be her bread winner,

She knows I don’t like winter,
she says, “My son I bought a heater,”
of coldness she know I’m such a hater,
so my needs to her will never come later,

She built me a home,
like a rat I won’t stay in a hole,
some on the streets they sleep on the pole,
with hunger they can’t even cope,
they even think the solution is a rope,

They cry wishing their mom was alive,
so she can say, “My child,
hang in there, tomorrow there is hope,
maybe she is an angel, that’s a hope.”