My dear, this does everything crown!
Do you like sailing? Because I’d ship you and me together
Like a captain, I will sail and sink with you
Why travel to far places when love lives within? Love takes us for a crazy ride
For you are the chosen one, the rare species
I’m not sure if I’ll just unify species after species and never be complete
I lose who I am and become part of you, we need light to burn this view into our eyes
Only through your smile my heart melts in wonderment
Guess what I’m wearing?
The smile you gave me.
I want to kiss you in the rain, so you get twice as wet. I just want you to know
How much you mean to me, I’m amazed when I look at you.
Your smile makes my heart skip a beat
My heart goes boom boom, only your wind can modify my heart
You must be a keyboard because you’re just my type.
You need someone to break open that door
Make his way through and hug you so tight that all your broken pieces assemble
Back again and make something beautiful.
I wonder what it’s like to please you
It’s the job I want part time, full time, I want to be good at it, bad at it
I want to be hired and promoted.
I may not be your first, but I want to be your last
I don’t want to text you. I don’t want to call you.
I want to be in your arms, cuddling in arms that cure
I want that kind of love that feels like a penis inside a foreskin
Two souls, bound to meet and mate
I want to feel your breath, hear you heartbeat.
I want to be with you
What is the atmosphere like at planet (?)
The atmosphere tickles her smile as her echoing laughter charms her way to my heart
Where is the equator?
I’m glad I met you