Who will I tell? Will I find love? My love, you are everything I have. I want to share you with someone that will feel the same way. My heart fell for someone, our love was to strong. We cried when we were apart for months but we found each other again. I didn’t want anyone to hurt the person I loved. I told everyone that this is my love of my life. But not all things end up the way we want. I lost that special somebody. That’s why I’m here today, my love. Who will I love? Because I will fall in love at the end, it will end in tears. I’m afraid to break my heart again. Who can I trust? Help me understand. Why every time we love someone deeply do we end up getting hurt? My love you’re all I have I want to share you. Why do those people we don’t love, become the ones who love us truly? Help me understand my love. The people we love, to them we are second choice AND those we don’t love, we are first choice to them. My love … my love help me understand you.