We have been on a blind date for 9 months
On the 7th January 2019
I finally met the stranger I was in love with
I finally unfolded my gift
my precious bun came out of the oven
My life changed and honestly it changed for the best
The way I saw life changed too
I was a lonely soul but you came and changed it all
At times I ask my self, ukuthi kube ungekho kube
and impendulo engizitholayo ziyathusa
So I would love to thank you
Ninie, you really saved me
You are my friend, a sister
Everything and more, trust me
You are the best gift I’ve received
My joy, my smile keeper
Uyi yikho konke okuhle engiku fisayo nengiku dingayo
Uyathandwa and uza kuqala empilweni yam’
Uyisipho esikhulu
I love you my angel
my little human
I’m really blessed to have you angel yam’