My life is out of my hands
What’s happening around me is unplanned
I don’t see a door to get out of this life
I feel like a defeated person in the wilderness –
no dreams,
no hope.

Why has life given me no future?
Why have those gods surrounded me with difficulties?
I cannot eat for sighing.
My dreams pour out like water.
What I always hated has happened.
What I had dreaded has come true.

My new school mates are mocking me
I have no one to defend me.
In school everyone looks at the loser,
this person who is mocked.

I have no peace, quietness.
I have no rest –
only troubles come.
I even hate school now because
my life is out of my hands.
I don’t know what to do, where to turn.

I need help… but I will be patient.
I came alone;
I will leave alone.
May God bring back my confidence.
May I move on with my life…
Which is going on, no matter what.