I hope one day, all will be fine.
The happiness I was promised
I would love to find.
I have been ensnared.
My heart is a pitiful pit.
Yes, wind curves in and out.
A decomposed deposit of debris;
Prevents the hollow flow.
I breathe heavily as an alcoholic.
Hatred has consumed my essence.
My awful atrocity, my iniquity;
Onanism is foul;
Prostitution is violation;
Profanity is bitter;
Disobedience is crafty;
Greed is foolish;
Lust is poisonous;
I wonder how big God’s heart is…
For he is always patient with me.
My shame is written all over me;
Engraved on my brick butt cheeks.
Better to be a gullible fool for Christ
Than to be a genius against God.