My language is my pride
Being a strong African girl is the definition of goodness
Being Mpondo isn’t all about glitz and glamour
Being Mpondo you have to a be warrior
We Mpondos are the beginning and the future of Africa
We Mpondos have integrity
We Mpondos have perseverance
We Mpondos have a motive

Ndim umahiya
Isirhunu sika Tshawana
Umathanga amahle xeye hamaba unyathela ngabantwana


Sithi abo amaMpondo asemantlaneni ompumlo esisi gebhe
Our language is not recognised in South Africa
But our culture leaves a mark
I’m a proud Mpondo goddess
My language is my pride


This piece of writing was created as part of the WritingMe Writing Clubs with Sophumelela High School, Western Cape. Find out more here.