Just like a car is nothing without its wheels
I am nothing without my body
Despite all the insecurities I have
I learnt to live with them
As they form part of my uniqueness

For those who want to seem perfect before others
Don’t have perfect souls
Their inner-self is lacking
Confidence to live with their insecurities

They want to change their natural being
To impress others
Their minds tell them: you have to be perfect
To inspire others
Their inner-self is imperfect

Part of my uniqueness tells me:
I don’t have to be perfect to inspire others
I have to let others be inspired by how I deal
With my imperfections:
Accepting them.

There is no ‘perfect soul’
But everyone learns to live perfectly
For that, we have to accept our imperfections
As we are all unique
And we are all perfect before the great one.