Are you sure you cannot speak?
By the flinch of my hand, touching the leather underneath your curves
It invited the resentment of seeing thou, at the hands of a friend
His fingers were stroking the gear, it dislocated my ego at the end
Crushing my hopes and tenders, squeezing me in a jar of penniless
Are you sure you cannot speak, are you sure my sweetest dearest?

I see how he touches you, it’s like he already knows your soft spots
How much were you worth to him, that cripples my endless thoughts
These thirsts embarks within me, I won’t sheep cloth my naked truth
How can you not speak, tell me how is this possible?
You’ve unlocked the beast of jealousy and invited chainless evilness

I’ll steal you at the hands of a thief, and imprison myself with my untamed greediness
I don’t have a girlfriend, you will reign or this is a results of loneliness?
I don’t care either way, from my now on you are my secret mistress

Your pipes breathe quietness, while the shape of your body was designed desirous
Your footprint leaves a beautiful mark, in our neighbourhood you are the most curvaceous
Oh! How can you not speak?
How can you not, my sweetest goodness?