My imagination wedding day
If I could be alive until that day
That I pray.
Even if it was just for a day
To have my imagination wedding day
In my attire filled with pearls
From my scarf to the heels
And everyone rejoicing, celebrating and not forgetting
The ululating.

Me and my significant other
Who probably would kneel down before me
On the dusted floor, and lift my fingers up high
And put that shiny “thing” on my finger
He must’ve really showered me with unexplainable love
For him to be leading to
The question that would’ve been asked
For me, the princess to make the honour
For him to be my prince

Because our parents deserve the title
To be the queens and kings
It’s because of them
He wouldn’t see me walking on the aesthetic aisle
As emotional as I am, the tears of gold would be flowing
The stars would be twinkling
And in his lovely suit and handsome
He would be standing and comforting me
While his thoughts scream loudly in happiness
I would hear it in there, by looking in his eyes
His warm fingers would be erasing the sadness

Finally I get to be called his wife!
Even through my dress the presence of joviality
Is surrounded and felt
As I twirl my dress for him in happiness and excitement,
Giggling like a kindergarten child
I would remember the Disney princess
I wished to be, when I was six years old giggling
I would look back on how my mother did it
I’d literally be the duplicate of her
My imagination wedding day!