When darkness and death
seem to be your only two best friends
I hope you find a reason to breathe.
I pray when you are dull, down, and dusted,
You find a reason to smile, and learn to
Live life at its worst.

When you’ve walked your miles of misery
I hope you get to see the ocean,
Perhaps the breeze there will let you know,
death for you ain’t an option.

When your tears start to tear you apart,
I hope you can be as brave as a paper.
Know if I could,
I would heal, and soothe,
Your dark, cicatriced heart,
but I’m just human.
I don’t even know most of the troubles
that frighten and
hassle you as a being.

I’m glad you faced this phase of your life.
I’ll be blest if you come out of it
Alive, unbroken, and unshaken.
Know I’ll be loving you still.