Here I am with nothing but sensation for you,
I’ve never been so respectable with making promises,
but this time I want to acquire too,
I would cross a 100 square miles dam without getting misty
just to make sure I preserve my promises,
The love you showed made me realise it’s good to make assurances,
I can’t pretend as I don’t want to have you till the end of the moon,
I want to have you by my side till the sun turns Green and moon turn purple,
I want to make a promise that I’m going to padlock it and throw the keys away
so that I can’t reclaim it,
I want to tell you that I am going to love you till the birds stop kissing,
as long as I breath and see your face I will never mess up and that’s a promise,
just that I never made enough promises but now I’m glad I got that chance to,
I can’t promise you the earth and sky but I believe we can reach the sky together,
I can’t promise you the earth and sky but I can promise you that I will love you,
love you till the earth and sky change,
That’s the promise I’m intended to keep,
that’s the promise I will live with,
I will save it to my heart
protect it with my mind,
And love you till sky and earth exchange, That’s My Honest Promise