My home, my quiet peace
My loving home, a place of certainty
Where I’m free and full of positivity
A place I can proudly call my refuge
Where I fear nothing only the Almighty
Where my soul roams freely with no worry

My home, my forever peace
A place full of unconditional love
Where my heart is safe and protected
Where hate and lust is undetected
A place where my emotions I can carve
A place where my happiness everyday increases

My home, my everlasting peace
Where the sun shines through the silent days
Where the flowers blossom during rainy days
When there’s drought, it leaves hearts in dismay
Adverse events? My home it’ll forever remain
Odds or not, home is home and I will stay.

My home, my quiet peace
Where my heart isn’t restless
My emotions are at ease
And my heart is undeterred
Where there is no judgement and clout
Where my dreams can be heard and fulfilled

My home, my forever peace
Cracks on the walls and floors
Flaws and all, I’m not ashamed at all
To call it my home
Today I stand tall because of it
Through the gravel roads, I was nurtured.
I’m proud to call it my home, without a stutter.