Who’s gonna change this world?
Pastors in church believe that it’s God.
This side our sisters and brothers are killing each other.
We don’t know what’s wrong.
Then live another day like nothing went wrong.
Living knowing that your life won’t be long.
It is so painful and it’s so hard to be strong.
That’s why you see lot of us killing ourselves.
Leaving our family and friends.
Oh God.

We are smiling in pain.
And everything we do we do it with doubts.
We really don’t know who to trust.
‘Cause nowadays pastors are criminals.
For our money they change to mosquitoes they’ve bitten us.
It’s hard to say this is a person from people
‘Cause lot of them just became animals.
Killing and eating us
Trust nobody in this universe.
‘Cause your successes will give you many friends.
And for that you should really pray every day.
And there is nothing for free in this universe.
You should have faith in everything you do, hey.
Tell yourself that you are one in the trillions.
In this world there is no one who is innocent.
We live in the world of violence.

Who’s gonna change this world?
That’s the question that I’m asking, hey.
Who’s gonna take the sold?
Tell themselves that they’re doing this
‘Cause this world needs change.
This world needs to change.
Needs to change yeah.