I lie in bed and think about you.
Imagine your spicy smell,
Strong lips.
Tormenting my body.

I am exhausted.
To relieve a tight lump inside myself
I took a cool shower
But it did not cool me down.

The hot waves of ecstasy cover my thoughts.
Roll and roll in the stormy surf in which I am drowning.
Throw me a life board and take aboard your ship.

I want you to think about my world
As it turns out to be safe and soft.
I succumb without you uttering a word.

Drown in your smile
Forget myself in a dream world.
Resistance is futile.

Thoughts are in the clouds.
You know how to read passion without errors in my eyes.

I burn down realising I can’t give you back.
The mind simply refuses to believe what I want.
I succumb to passion and desires.