My heart is bomb blasted
Sorrows irrigate every tissue cell of my body
Suffocation has taken precedence in my life
I rise up, hoping for change
Which comes not at all

The sun is darkened and the moon is dimmed
I long for nightfall, to hide in the sweet darkness of the night
And console myself with the bittersweet tears on my pillow
My soul is lost
My being is doomed
My existence is questionable,
How long will I live?
My legacy…is nothing…
But of sorrows, sickness, poverty, depression and starvation
Life, does it have a meaning?
Does it have a pattern or formula?
Who does the packaging before the dispatch?

My heart is overweighed
I sigh like a loaded lorry uphill
I am an adult, yet I am a child
I am the head of the family, yet I am a child
My soul is sick, my body is sick and my mind is weary
I stare and I glare
They also stare and glare at me
They laugh, they whisper and they judge me
Worst of all, they spite me
Am I less human?
Why judged? Just because I was born with it?
Thanks to you, HIV AIDS
For packing my parents,
Like clothes for a Christmas vacation
I am left to face the world’s fate
My soul is sick, my body is sick, and my mind is weary
I refuse to give in yet, for I have siblings to look after
For I am a child, yet I am an adult to look after my siblings.