Basis. Formal and informal exchange.
Unravelling. Friendship.
Emotions, thirst, wicked thoughts,
Complications, denial and conclusion.
When two individuals connect
It is often due to physical attraction
We see what we like and we want what we see

Upon meeting physical attraction continues
To act as a centre until
A certain amount of time spent together
It is during this time that the heart begins
To spew out of its cocoon in search of a component
That adds to its purpose
The direction it takes from there
Is determined by the psyche
The one with the power to house a heart
We know love, we are aware of it
From the second it hits us
Some shoo it away
Some attach a price to it
Some use it to exhibit dominance
Some don’t know what to do with it

Like a boomerang what belongs to you
Will always find its way back to your doorstep
No matter how far you propel it
It leeches itself onto the skin and demands attention
Knowing very well that it will be noticed
And attended to eventually
When handled with precision it incites intense delight
To the heart acting as a source of
Strength and immeasurable happiness
Fear turns it into a burden of
Misconceptions and misinterpretations
Handling it recklessly has the power
To leave a scar so deep
It acts as a mascot of the mind

How about discovering the good and sticking with it?
Build a bond so unbreakable it shatters mountains
Find pleasure in the idea of occupying one heart
Love enough to be oblivious to an apocalypse
I’ve seen it, I’ve felt it absorb itself into me through my skin
I’ve felt it mending distress hidden in the wakeless parts of me
I’ve looked at it right in the eyes and discovered
That I can care for someone else more than I do myself
A heart has the power to detect another that matches it
And respire a new heart into existence
Am I pumping blood different?