The coiliness and the softness,
Rough; yet sensitive,
All puffy and tangled,
Nothing but goosebumps when my fingers run through you,
Interactions with you bring me joy,
As I am learning how to take care of you and nurture you,
Some moments I am rough with you,
Yet I am handling you with care,
I fell in love with your curls,
And how you fill my hairline,
I fell in love with your resistance throughout the seasons,
I swear my connection with you is deeper,
You’re my sensation.
I love how you’ve formed yourself all the way down to my spine,
Down my eyebrows to my cheeks,
I love the authority you possess,
I see how dandruff and build-up respect you,
I fell in love, withhold you meditate and manifest through water and natural oils,
The softness you brought to my follicles feels like grace.