My General,
My General,
Do you remember why I gave you that name my friend?

You were constantly by my side,
Trustworthy, loyal and kind,
You always knew how to make me smile,
True description of a ride or die

We met during our high schools days,
You brought along rays of sunshine, even when skies were grey,
We saw through each other, much like an X-ray,
I accepted you when you revealed that you were gay

But life took us on different courses,
We matured and tertiary came calling,
You chose to be a techno wiz,
And I chose to educate kids

Despite the distance between us however,
Our friendship remained bound together,
“We will meet up, laugh, play sports, talk,
It’s a definite!” Or so I thought

I am worried about you my friend,
You are causing self-harm to yourself,
You speak of death and the end,
You are compromising your own health

I can see your pain only through pics,
You are slitting your own wrists,
You once said life is what you make it,
Suicide is a path, Please don’t take it

We successfully battled so many things before,
Troubles as big as the sea,
You fought this war alone,
It hurts to see my General bleed

I understand my friend,
Varsity is a big playing field,
Talk to someone about it,
Don’t suffer in silence and bleed

I understand my friend,
Your parents are going through a divorce,
I honestly sympathize,
I can’t begin to imagine what’s going on in your thoughts

I understand my friend,
You have a sensitive heart,
We spent many days in the light,
But you’ve been consumed by the dark

I feel like that too sometimes,
You see no hope in sight,
You’re a warrior, I know,
You must continue to fight!

I’ve had soldiers before,
You showed me that they were fake,
You have demons now,
and I will help you sever these snakes

That plagues your mind,
That haunts your dreams,
That causes you pain,
That makes you want to bleed
“I want my General back!”
This is me pleading
“My friend let me help you”
Let me help you stop the bleeding.

“I want my General back”
I’ll state this truth raw
“You can fight this pain,
You can win this war”

We’ve been friends for eight long years,
I’ve never known you to accept defeat,
I know you very well,
You can defeat this beast
You have succeeded many times before,
You’ve achieved great feats,
Two different mothers,
But we share the same heartbeat

This is why I scream “this isn’t your end,
We still need to win titles!”
More wars incoming,
This is the start of your revival.

I gave you that name,
I gave that name to you,
I called you my General,
and I did it because I love you.